Sound Furnace has Potential Social Benefits

According to recent scientific findings, sound waves absorbed by soundproofing materials convert that energy into heat. The rise in temperature is extremely modest. However, advances in technology have brought about new energy efficient heating methods using this principle. By transferring the heat created by the sound absorbed by soundproofing materials to a compressor and heat exchanger, whole buildings can be kept at comfortable temperatures for amounts of time. Considering the minute amount of heat created by a loud sound, scientists have designed parabolic rooms with the parabola’s curve focused on a central collector, somewhat like a telescope. Instead of light, though, hundreds of men and dogs both yelling and barking as loud as they can, trapped in these parabolic rooms, send high sound wave levels into the sound collector. Each is given hearing protection which actually results in louder orations as the individuals try to hear the sound of their own voices. Though this type of “furnace” is much larger than a conventional unit, it is innately environmentally friendly. Scientists are now working on feeding units to bring fuel-food costs down to or lower than traditional heating fuel costs. Some political personnel have expressed interest in the possibility of transferring incarcerated criminals to such “furnaces”, with the potential of creating psychological reform via yelling therapy.


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