PRACTICAL Problems in Carpentry

This post functions as the cover of a textbook, except that you can’t turn the page and there is nothing physically substantial about it, like how a book cover normally is a thicker cardboard, card stock or some similar material (the “pages” to follow won’t have any more or less substance than this cover does either, in case you inferred that from the previous comment, which you shouldn’t have). It’s really just a picture to introduce this feed. I suppose you could look at it and judge the content to follow (that is, if you’re that kind of person, which you shouldn’t be).

Look, it’s just the first post, so get off my back, alright!

(I also just realized that, because this is the first post, it will appear at the bottom of all following posts, and so it’s more like the back cover, which isn’t really an introduction either. If you’re reading this in the future, perhaps once this post is buried, please forget everything you’ve read previously in this feed and begin again, going backwards, starting from here.)



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