Sound Furnace has Potential Social Benefits

According to recent scientific findings, sound waves absorbed by soundproofing materials convert that energy into heat. The rise in temperature is extremely modest. However, advances in technology have brought about new energy efficient heating methods using this principle. By transferring the heat created by the sound absorbed by soundproofing materials to a compressor and heat exchanger, whole buildings can be kept at comfortable temperatures for amounts of time. Considering the minute amount of heat created by a loud sound, scientists have designed parabolic rooms with the parabola’s curve focused on a central collector, somewhat like a telescope. Instead of light, though, hundreds of men and dogs both yelling and barking as loud as they can, trapped in these parabolic rooms, send high sound wave levels into the sound collector. Each is given hearing protection which actually results in louder orations as the individuals try to hear the sound of their own voices. Though this type of “furnace” is much larger than a conventional unit, it is innately environmentally friendly. Scientists are now working on feeding units to bring fuel-food costs down to or lower than traditional heating fuel costs. Some political personnel have expressed interest in the possibility of transferring incarcerated criminals to such “furnaces”, with the potential of creating psychological reform via yelling therapy.


Energy Efficient Housing Project Written in the Style of a Bad Translation from a Foreign Language into English

Once upon there was a time a energy efficient housing. It was a geothermal heating. The cost it had was more large for giving to a house of big age. A fresh house of being a new building it was easier because no workers are have to be paid to demolish a structure or a fitting or a finishing to retrofit. The plan future of a new house is seen at the start, with a idea that geothermal system is a installation to have. As well, there are two kinds of ways to have installation in the ground. One is horizontal and two is vertical. Horizontal is a more cheap type in that it is trenches dug by excavators 6 or 8 feet under surface soil so it is cheap. Vertical is more expensive in that it is a auger digs tall holes very deep over a hundred feet. Both types have hundreds of footage copper or plastic pipes called earth loops. The ground deeper than the line of frost is more stable of temperature than air on top of soil. This stable of temperature is transfer to pipes that are water or antifreeze and water filled. The liquid inside the pipes is pumped into a house with geothermal heat pump system having installed. In like a reverse refrigerator, the difference of heated temperature is remove from pipes and spread through house in under floor heat or baseboard heaters or fan blows through ducts of new installed or retrofit. The comfort feels better of the heat because it is upward moving like heat does naturally. It is different than a force air system when heat gathers on top of the ceiling. A person with the geothermal installation can save large money. Almost zero fuel using cost except electricity a little bit. Good for a wallet and good for Earth planet because no greenhouse gas. A families wants to save large money, he might have to give a amount of money at the start. But to help the world a good wallet is wanted.


Difficulty Level = Novice

A two-storey house sits on an 8″ poured concrete foundation. The frame is SPF #2 lumber. The height from finished first floor to finished second floor is 2583mm. The floor joists are all 2 x 10, with 11/16″ hardwood flooring and 12.4mm drywall on the ceiling. The window trim will be primed MDF, and the doors are made of reclaimed barn boards. Outside, in the future, there will be a luxurious garden filled with flowers of diaphanous petals and pleasantly pungent aroma. The owners-to-be spent many years considering whether to be wed or part ways, deciding in the end to be married on a beach by a justice of the peace because they do not agree with institutionalized religion. The beach is normally bombarded with gentle waves of turquoise and azure, but two days ago all the ice caps melted and one all-encompassing tsunami flooded the entire Earth, leaving twisted and mangled sand dunes upon its eventual withdrawal. According to the local building codes, what size does the rough stair opening need to be? Give your answer in fractions of a hectare.

Answer: The house is completely sided with ladders. There is no need for stairs.

List of Useful Corrections

For those who haven’t made the necessary deductions, the following are true (not false):

1. Dorming is not the purpose of a dormer.
2. Regardless of how many tubas one has, construction lumber is ordered in ‘tube eye’ stock. (eg.: Proper = “Pass me that tube eye four, Johnny.” Improper = “Fetch meh dat tuba4, Jethrah.”)
3. There is no such word as ‘masonary’. The word is ‘masonry’. You know, like an old-timey Brit says ‘veterinary’ as ‘vetnry’.
5. Wall panelling is erected in bad taste and will not be commemorated with an entire chapter written in its honour.
6. This list will be expanded in tandem with memory and wit.

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